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Day 12~Thirty days of blog lovin'~Heres what I know about love ♥


Marco surprised me today with a message from Maui posted on FB

he has a huge heart and I cant wait to see him on Thursday :)

27 years together and here are a few things I know about love

* IF there are problems it is NEVER just one persons "stuff". It always takes two.....

 *you have to work at it and if you give up the same problems will just follow you....

*The more you work on finding the things that ignite your soul and he/she does this too, the better position you will be in to work on happiness together.

hasta manana amigos! ♥

ps Tere is Marco's nickname for me, short for Teresita :)


Jenny Grant said…
What a beautiful message Tracy! Love is worth fighting for, that is for sure!!