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Day 5~ 30 days of blog lovin~ Very funny Universe!

Today is a designated writing day. 
Wholehearted, planned, ready to go. 
 Chapters one to three are due to my editor next week.  
Woke up Feeling Good!

Last night Sienna and I enjoyed a yummy nutritious bowl of home made pumpkin soup and watched the latest episode of Dr Who. I went to bed early and slept soundly.

Today I am writing about the importance of finding stillness
I have left this Chapter for last because it is the one I have the most trouble with myself.......

This morning so far......

Firefox repeatedly crashes on me, unable to system restore, strange error messages flashing when I try run a scan.
I go outside to look for Mr Gingy who didn't come home for dinner last night and hear him meowing next door. He jumps up onto the fence but he cant get down. I carry him inside, put him down and he starts to walk away mewing in pain and dragging his back right leg behind at an awkward angle!! Ay ay ay!
We bundle Gingy into his carrier box rush him to the vets who remember him fondly from the last time he was there knocking on deaths door with severe tick paralysis. We leave him there to wait for the Vet to turn up and assess his injury.
I come home, switch to my Mac to try to find a solution for the problems on the PC with no luck.

ok Universe.......very funny.......thanks for the challenge. 

Perhaps I will go meditate for a little while before I approach todays topic!

Om shanti, shanti :))

may you all find peace today even in the midst of chaos
please send Gingy your good thoughts and wishes...I'll let you know tomorrow how he is going xox


Lisa Crail said…
Hoping Gingy is feeling better and all is OK. Some days life does just stop us in our tracks and has other plans. Meditation is a fabulous idea - I love that saying where all the answers are within us - hope your day turned out OK.
Anonymous said…
Tracy...I read the posts in reverse and was saddened by the fact that just yesterday he was swept to the vet...the universe stopped you in your tracks to care for the little man. Sending you and your family love and light as you grieve. Susan <3
Lucy Chen said…
Tracy, your cat looks exactly like mine.