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Day 7~30 days of blog lovin' Hello New Zealand!!


Hello beautiful friends

Just a very quick check in today to let you know I'm tucked in bed here in Tauranga, New Zealand after a very long day of travel, a couple of glasses of wine, some delicious cheese and a great conversation with my very sweet hosts Jenny and Simon! Looking forward to a walk along the beach in the Bay of Plenty tomorrow!

Started the day off very early leaving home at 5.45 am in order to get to Sydney airport by 9am.
Stopped along the way in Gerringong to greet the sun. Such a beautiful place we live in!

Very much looking forward to a weekend of Paint Mojo on New Zealand shores :)

Sweet dreams!!



Anonymous said…
Life is beautiful, enjoy your days by the shore of NZ. much love chica, Orly
Caryn said…
Arghhh. How did I miss you were coming to my home country for an art retreat. Darn it's full. Enjoy your stay. Maybe I will catch your next one.