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Day 17~30 days of blog lovin' what a weekend!

Just a very quick pic tonight as I am ready to head upstairs to my squishy pillow and firm bed,
What a wonderful weekend we all had soaking up Judy's quiet, lovely, centred sharing......much time to reflect on our own process but equal allowance for watching Judy work and learn by example.
The afternoon took an interesting turn when, after everyone had left, Judys supersonic, brand new, button press, ignition rental car started behaving in strange ways, refusing to start and making weird clicking noises from the boot! WE called roadside assistance and upon hearing of a two hour wait, felt our only option was to head down the street to show Judy the Aussie culture of the local bowling club and enjoy a beverage!

The NRMA turned up before we had barely taken a sip so we left our drinks to head back to the car where the sweetest young guy ( Judy said he looked like George Harrison) got her started (the car that is) AND told us to go back and finish our drinks while he waited and did the paperwork!

Judy said that overall she had found us Aussies to be super friendly and helpful and this just topped it!

Off to explore the native botanical gardens tomorrow :))


I really enjoyed your 21 Secrets class. I loved seeing your backyard and watching you paint>