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Day 25~30 days of bloglovin'~Some thoughts on gratitude ♥

8 hours straight sitting at the computer, 
working away at my book
 and then doing my GST (blech!! my least favourite job but has to be done)......
so my eyes feel like they're about to fall out of my head and my butt is as flat as a pancake
 from sitting on this uncomfortable chair....
and my back aches a bit....

but you know what?

who cares? 

lucky me to be writing a book with my dream publishers
lucky me to have an income which means I have to do some bookwork
lucky me to have a computer and a  chair to sit on
lucky me to have a warm bed to lay in tonight to rejuvenate
and a warm man next to me to snuggle
lucky me to have eyes that can see and hands that can type
and a blanket on my lap to keep me warm 
and a cup of Chai tea
and a mobile phone so the girls, Marco and my mum can text me during the day.
lucky me that friends have invited us to dinner tonight
lucky me that I am alive and healthy and loved
i am so grateful for this day♥ 

What are you grateful for today? 



Linda Chaves said…
I woke up very grumpy this morning - I let my house out in summer and had a cancellation yesterday, meaning I had lost quite a lot of money. Doom and gloom. But on reading your blog today, I am replacing all that negativity with positive gratitude - grateful for my lovely little house in Portugal, for my wonderful friends, for having had the love of the man of my life, sadly cut short but his love is still all around me - and grateful for all the possibilities that life now holds now that I have discovered art. The possibility of going to Bali and other stunning places. Of learning more about art. Of making new friends. I had my fortune read three times in three different countries. They all said the exact same thing. That the whole focus of my life was going to change away from teaching into art. That I must believe in myself and make decisions with this in mind. I am now thinking of moving to a tiny remote hamlet in Portugal where I can offer art retreats and workshops as well as a stay in an unspoilt, breathtakingly beautiful postage stamp of a corner of the world! So any extra work I have to do after any setback MUST be a positive step, not a drudge! Thanks, Tracy. You never know what can happen on a Monday morning in May!! I'd better go and write about this on my blog!
Judy Wise said…
Lucky me to have met this wonderful woman and her family, to have witnessed how special and talented she is, to have spent time in beautiful Jervis Bay and taken with me renewed energy and inspiration.

Shine on, beautiful one.