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Day 9~30 days of blog lovin'~almost forgot!

Just jumped into bed, read Meya (my hosts sweet daughter) a book and was ready to turn the light off after a big day of teaching, when I remembered!!

a 30 day commitment to daily blogging!!!

Forgive me..I'm exhausted! So I offer  a pictorial of a wonderful day....
 can you beat being greeted by your host family with an early morning smile like this?

 and then an awesome studio space to explore....

 and play....
capturing snippets of the day....

 from all the works in progress

 so much play and exploration!

 then back to finish off the evening with a fire, wine and some beautiful NZ lamb prepared by Simon

and of course A gummy bear, toasted marshmallow courtesy of Lucas to top off the evening! :)

sweet dreams..hasta luego!!


Jess said…
What a lovely time you had! I love the close up pics of the paintings, so creative!xx