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Day 20~ Thirty days of blog lovin'~catching dreams and catching breath :)

 It's been a huge couple of weeks and yesterday I had a moment of feeling totally, physically and mentally spent.

done, zip, ready to curl up in a ball 
and sleep for two days.....or maybe a week....

the unexpected death of our beautiful Gingy boy two weeks ago, right before I left for New Zealand, left me no time to really sit with my sadness, 

after a fun, whirlwind teaching trip to NZ I arrived back home to greet and host my new dear friend Judy Wise, and in amongst all that let's just throw in regular life and commitments to be there for Marco and the girls AND a deadline for my upcoming book fast approaching.

All of this ( as wonderful as it is and believe me I am not complaining) has left me in need of some space and time to be still.....

Yesterday I even curled up on my bed one hour before my kids art class started, 
set the timer for 30 minutes and was out like a power nap got me through the afternoon and together we had lots of fun creating beautiful dreamcatchers....

beautiful mess...

original designs

 and happy faces....

When I started this 30 day commitment to my blog I was so inspired by Flora Bowley having done the same
 and with all of the lovely things happening in my world I thought it would be fun, exciting and my blog usually is...


The thing is.....a daily commitment means you get me when I'm not feeling excited and upbeat...and its really hard for me to admit that......this weekend I was talking to Judy about the gap between our online personas and our real selves. 
You see I really love that I am helping others to find their creative mojo and move in the direction of their dreams 
but I've been making the mistake of thinking that I have to appear on top of things at all times and that is just not possible.

So here I am being real 
being human
is that ok with you sweet friends?

until tomorrow xoxox

 ps for all those who sent me lovely messages about the paintings I posted in yesterdays blog and completed at Judys workshop over the weekend, here is the link where you can buy Judys ebook and find out all about Cold Wax for yourself :)


It's more than okay with me Tracy :) it s good to know you are authentic...that's one of the many things I LOVE about you!! SO sorry to hear of your sadness though :( Ill have a look at Judy's link tomorrow xX
maaike said…
Hey Tracy, you are such an amazing person..and a very busy person! And yeah, sometimes you need to take a moment to relax en reflect.
Xxx Maaike
Mum said…
time to exhale <3
Kris said…
I think it is not only okay that you are being real, it is wonderful. It is so easy for others to read the sparkly-lovely blog posts and believe they are the total reality of the blogger. I think that makes a lot of us feel "less than". We don't need more of that in life. Knowing that we all have the common experiences of struggle, and not so sparkly-lovely moments, is healing for us all. We're all in it together.
Anonymous said…
So okay that I am crying right now with tears and everything, damn! I have work to do! (-:
XOXOXOXO Con amor!