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Day 13~ 30 days of blog lovin"~ Orly Avineri is coming to Australia!!!

One of the things I LOVE the most about the information age is the speed of connectivity.....
how like minded friends find each other in online communities and how friendships are then forged through deeper connection.....

how the world becomes a much smaller place where ideas spread quickly and BIG plans are made

and because of this very phenomenon
through a few excitable email interactions

an idea was hatched and brought into reality!!

18th and 19th January 2014
Orly Avineri
at our home, Casa Cantamar
Huskisson NSW Australia!! 

Orly is one of the most insightful, soulful, creative, innovative and just plain beautiful teachers I know......her work can be found here
if you have not yet had the pleasure......

Please don't miss out on this chance to explore the creative process through journaling...your world will not be the same after a class with Orly...

Email me for more info

PS newsflash from Sienna via FB while I am writing this blog and we are sitting here watching Modern Family: 

"Scientists may have found a loophole in the general theory of relativity that would allow objects to travel at warp speed"

WE are living in amazing times!! :)


Quinn said…
That is such a wonderful chance for people in NSW to experience creativity through Orly! She's amazing. I've taken several of her classes and each one has inspired me and brought me to a new exploration of my creativity.
Anonymous said…
JUST CAN'T WAIT!! I love you chica!!
Anonymous said…
Yep, just fainted!!
Will send you an email. xx
MUM 2 said…
and I love hearing from you xo