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Day 27~30 days of blog lovin'~ the miracle of music ♥

Hello sweet friends!

Yesterday I talked a little about how music is a big part of our lives and although we aren't playing too much these days with all of the other excitement we have going on, the power and capacity of music to make miracles is always something that is deeply moving to me. 

With only three days left of my daily blogging commitment I leave you today with three videos that are a testament to the healing power of song, the capacity for communion between humans and other species with music as the love link and the sheer joy that a song memory can bring!

Next time you're feeling not so on top of the world, find a song that lifts you and play it loud! If it makes you wanna dance all the better! 

My favourite "feelgood song" is  "Praise you" by Fatboy Slim and it never fails to change my mood in the best way!

ok I'm adding that video in at the bottom too and I want you all to dance the dorkiest dance you can while listening. I'll be dancing too! :)) You might have to press pause on the ones you are not watching so they don't all play together!

Enjoy!! See you tomorrow ♥

lots of love
Tracy xoxoxox