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Day 22~30 days of blog lovin' "When all over the place" leads you to exactly the right place....

I cant believe I've managed to keep up a daily post
 for 22 days!  
Thank you so much for hanging in there with me through thick and thin xx

 Today I was working on my book and thinking about how every experience we go through enriches our story and leads us to exactly where we are meant to be.

I am 47 years young and have dabbled in sooooo many jobs and careers on my way to where I am right now, and I'm feeling like its a pretty good place to be....


in celebration of us creative types who like to dabble in this and that
who try out things which sometimes don't work...
but always learn from our experiences 
and always bounce back with new, innovative ideas

I'd like to dedicate this post to you all

a little(might be quite long!) recap of my (ahem) career path over the past 30 some years (probably over several posts!)

Let me know if you can relate :)

1981~ my mum enrols me (after I beg her incessantly) in a modelling and deportment class where the owner/teacher Judy Le Paris tells me my eyebrows are all wrong! On her advice I pluck half of them off, draw in a line that makes me look like a drag queen and they never properly grow back.
A month or so after I "graduate" I get my first "modelling job"~ serving drinks to middle aged business men while wearing a skimpy santa suit in a Gold Coast night club. I am sixteen. My mum takes the outfit, puts it in a rubbish bag, drives me to Judys house and throws it over the fence. Thank God for mums!

1981~ I get a Saturday job in a bakery where I often sneak into the Cold room to devour a chocolate eclair. My modelling career is really over but I am very good at slicing bread.

1983~ After finishing high school I spend a year in a retail glassware store. My boyfriends brother has taken up glassblowing, making cute little swans that I get to fill with different coloured water each day. After a year I NEVER want to see a glass ornament OR  dust again!

1984~I begin studying at the University of Qld and at the same time start a job in promotions. 

Oh dear! 

Back to wearing skimpy costumes and giving out free drinks to sleazy men in nightclubs!
My boss, a savvy thirty something "sex in the city type businesswoman" starts going out with a local mafia Godfather (in his own small way) who runs several illegal casinos. They offer me a job at one of the casinos where I serve drinks and make toasted sandwiches for a bunch of old Italian guys playing Manila. The tips are good but the hours long and its hard to wake up for my morning classes.

1985~ I meet Marco while he is travelling, a gorgeous smiling California surfer boy, who has moved into the flat upstairs from my grandmother. I quit Uni and follow him to California where I attend my first Tupperware party and am instantly recruited.

1985-1990~ I become a Tupperware queen (I'm not making this up!) complete with company car, and learn lots about marketing and promotion and positive attitudes but after five years realise that I'm really not that passionate about plastic storage.

1990~ I get a job working for National Parks and Wildlife as a Promotions officer and spend the next five years promoting Australian native wildlife and presenting shows in schools, shopping malls and on TV with snakes around my neck, cuddling koalas(who sometimes bite!), possums up my sleeve and a fruit bat named Stinky who likes to hang from my outstretched arm and pleasure himself in front of giggling groups of school kids!

enough for tonight...need to have some family time but will continue on tomorrow

sweet dreams lovelies!

lots of love Tracy xox


Lisa Barker said…
Wow Tracy, It's so amazing all the things that go into the mix of who we become. I love it, no wonder you're such a beautiful soul with all of your varied experiences!
Shona Hutchings said…
LOL great stories - I seriously have to meet you one day. I think we would laugh alot together <3 thanks for sharing
Love it!! :) Very funny! Am staying tuned!! x
Mum said…
so funny <3 I didn't know the one about the next bikini session though -just shows you Mums don't know everything <3

Malini Parker said…
gorgeous :) Looking forward to what happened next in your colourful adventures!