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Day 10~Thirty days of gratitude!

Hello lovelies!

A super quick one today because I'm about to Skype with my gorgeous friend Louise Gale at her home in Spain and I'm super grateful for that!!

Louise will be joining me for both of my Sacred Marks retreats in Bali next year as a guest teacher and has some beautiful lessons lined up! 

Also very grateful for an email from my gorgeous editor Tonia confirming that Paint Mojo is the likely title for my book!!

and for lovely Italian guests in our studio, sharing a glass of red and stories of our lives...

and the possibility of a "live paint" session with the uber talented painter Jesse Reno when he comes to visit next March. Me, painting with Jesse in MY backyard, here in Australia!!! OMG!!!!

I think that's enough to be grateful for today!

Sweet dreams and lots of love to all of you!!

Tracy xoxo


Paint Mojo! Great title!
Crazy Art Girl said…
Can't wait for the book. Love the title.
Kate Palmer said…
Sounds amazing - if I win lotto you are on my To-Do list :O)
Alenka said…
oooooo, hardly wait for your boooooook ;)