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Day 17-Thirty days of gratitude

Hello gorgeous friends!

It doesn't take long to find something to be grateful for does it?
Tonight I'm going to prove it...
with just fifteen minutes until my two different kinds of vegetarian cabbage rolls come out of the oven
(sorry no recipes, I googled and then improvised!)
I am going to use some of my photo folders
(ahem... newly shiny and organised after three days of sorting!) 
as prompts to trigger thoughts of gratitude....
here we go!!
 grateful for every sunrise I see out of my bedroom window, 
every new day I am privileged to experience on this Earth

grateful for the sunlight that makes beautiful patterns on the wall down the side passage of our casa leading to my studio......

 for the weeping dwarf mulberry bush that has lived on this property twice as long as us...a constant reminder of the seasons cycles and my barometer that Spring has arrived with its first green leaf buds this week.....

 for visitors that come to share a cup of tea with me on the back this very friendly kookaburra!

well took me thirty minutes instead of fifteen...grateful for a tribe of awesome friends here who I can be real with too ♥

Buenos noches all!

Be sure to leave a message as someone lucky will be winning a little painting on Day 30!!

What are you grateful for today?

much love
Tracy xoxo


deborahdesigns said…
i am grateful for my blue moon shadow that I danced with last night.
I'm following your gratitude-full days. Enjoyed todays photos much.
I am grateful for your reminder of gratitude to write my own gratefuls down. I had let it slide.

I LOVE where you live. Thank you for sharing your gratitude.

Jenny said…
Such a lovely post Tracy.... I am grateful for the beautiful people in my life... that continue to fill my heart with love and joy...

Jenny ♥
Ali said…
I am grateful to live a life where I can learn so much from beautiful souls! xxx
Kris said…
I'm grateful for dinner in the crock pot making the house smell wonderful.
Crazy Art Girl said…
I love all the pictures and images through the words that you share with us. I am grateful for the take-out that my dad brought for us yesterday cause I spent the day taking care of my sick daughter. When not doing that, I was busy picking up the soccer son. Grateful for the little things that make my day easier.
Denise Spillane said…
Thank you for reminding me to consciously be grateful. In the days I have been reading this, I have even felt happier. I sent it to a friend who is sad and puts herself down. I am hoping she follows and feels he happiness just from being grateful. Also love that cool dwarf mulberry!
I am grateful for the fresh, homegrown, juicy sweet peaches today, and for this day to rest, relax, and just be. Your post made me happy! Kathy
Kate Palmer said…
I am grateful for the winter months, where the scorching summer sun is tamed and I can actually enjoy the feel of the sun on my skin :O)
Alenka said…
i am greatful for the sun, the light, and i am grateful for the night, sky, raindrops, wind, the grass, the smeal.