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Thirty days of gratitude~Day3

On our kitchen board today my new favorite quote from Piglet.
What you cant see underneath is the next line which says

Wed 2.45 colonoscopy

sooooooo beautiful friends I'll keep this post short and sweet
 as I'm still a little
wooooozy from the anaesthetic
 and my fingers keep typing the wrong letters
 and I haven't had anything to eat for 29 hours 

but good news is :)

a verbal ok from the doc that there is nothing nasty lurking
and a small sample sent off for biopsy just in case....

and although I'm all for alternative healing 

mind body spirit

I'm super grateful that we have
the wonders of modern science and medicine
to help keep us on track.

Thanks to all the awesome staff at Ulladulla endoscopy centre.
Marco sat in the waiting room for two hours and said it was such a super happy vibe with music
 and patients and staff having singalongs

I'm grateful for that too!

hasta manana!
Hope your day has been awesome!
lots of love Tracy ♥


Mary Sabshin said…
I'm grateful for being given the gift of sight. I instinctively see the beauty in others and the world. You Tracy, I saw a mile away.
verdigrisrose said…
Hi Tracy, Reading about your husband's happiness about all he sees around him that is good, is something to feel grateful for, and that you are well.
I'm also grateful today to have finally got over a bad flu thingy that has dogged me for weeks, and I was grateful for the time off I had to have, to rest and read and meditate through it, and because I couldn't I lost weight...yeah!....x
Kate Palmer said…
So happy to hear you received the all clear - must be a relief! Today I am grateful for illness, grateful for the fact that it made me reassess what I want to do and who I want to be in this life and also grateful for doctors and medicine which allow us to continue having happy and healthy lives in spite of challenges.
Crazy Art Girl said…
My sister's favorite character was piglet. She was a big Pooh fan. She passed away from cancer several years ago. I am grateful that my kids got to know her before it happened and that they were old enough to remember her. They will always have fond memories of her.

I am also grateful that I don't start school for another few weeks so I have time to reflect and work on some art.

I am glad that you are ok. 8)
So glad you are ok

My two pieces of gratitude this morning are:
I'm very pleased to be going to the British Festival of Quilts today to see all the fabulous art work and that I only live an hour away!
I am also so grateful that my garden is currently giving me the gift of raspberries for breakfast every morning! XxxxxxX