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Thirty days of gratitude~Day 6

 Grateful today for an evening spent with close friends,
 a sleep-in this morning,
 a couple of panadols(probably shouldn't have had that last glass of wine!)

and then mi amor says lets go for a walk! Well actually he suggested I ride my bike while he played with his new long board but I'm still a wee bit uncomfortable from the procedure on Wednesday so a walk it was!
down the front steps, past the blooming azaleas
over the bridge at Moona Moona Creek, the water as clear as I have ever seen it...
along the path where Marco skated back and forth...

 the views across Jervis Bay breathtaking as always

 Marco looking very California on his new board sent to him from Seattle by cousin Devin

 maybe I might even learn!

and then I discovered this little gem Sienna had been keeping a secret!
Gives me such a good feeling to know that this
 is what our sixteen year old and her friends get a kick out of ......


more gratitude tomorrow! ♥♥♥


Crazy Art Girl said…
I just watched the short vid and smiled. My daughter is never short of hugs for me. I am grateful that she is still at an age where she loves to hug me. I hope she will never be too old for that. Hugs all around ♥
Wow Marco's board looks cool! I want one!!
Kate Palmer said…
What sweethearts - I can't believe they were asked to leave - doesn't that say something!