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Day 9~ Thirty Days of gratitude

Very grateful today for a sassy writer/teacher extraordinaire named Alexandra Franzen

I don't have words to describe but here are some from those who have worked with her. I have no disclosure here, no affiliate code and nothing to sell, just a deep admiration for someone who truly walks her talk and is here to make big changes for those in creative biz.

  • "Alex re-imagined my story, and it felt like DYING and going to heaven. My bio sounded so spectacular, I wanted to hang it and wear it as a necklace."—Melissa Cassera | PR Rockstar & National TV Spokeswoman
  • "Alex is a profoundly gifted wordsmith who listens deeply.
    She hears the whisper of your soul (and your business) and finds the words to describe the indescribable." —Gemma Stone | Clinical Psychologist
  • "Alex turns mundane words into magic, casting a spell so that audience's hearts actually beat a little faster, their eyes light up and they nod their heads saying, YEAH! I WANT SOME OF THAT!"—Maria Ross | Chief Brand Strategist, Red Slice 
So just wanted to let you know that you should pay her site a visit. 

There is muchissimo goodness there!

Right now I'm taking a little course called Iemail from Ms Franzen. Let me tell you that I have been feeling just a tad overwhelmed with the increasing volume of my inbox.

Not complaining because things are going great but just feeling, well, swamped!

So I'm thankful for a little reframing. 

Today's mission was to answer every email in Haiku fashion, 
to keep it short, simple and poetically snappy....

I think I did ok AND I had a smile on my face :)

To the lovely Kate Palmer who purchased a print I wrote this;

The "Elephant and the butterfly
left town Friday
total due is $25.95 to this paypal email Black heart (cards)

and to my dear editor hoping to hear good news about my book title this;

Just a small reminder in your inbox
as requested
to send me a little title love.

Technically not perfect haiku but I think we might be onto something here. Maybe you should try it. 

Of course a little footnote doesnt go astray when you try something a little crazily different so I made sure I added this little explanation
 (:) taking Alexandra Franzen's I Black heart (cards)email mini workshop and today's mission is to send every email as close as possible to haiku form :))

no complaints so far!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Until tomorrow
lots of love Tracy xoxo

ps be sure to leave me a comment letting me know what you are grateful for today. You may be the lucky winner of one of my little original paintings! :) 


Wow she looks fabulous :) I will have to explore a little further! I'm Sooooooooooo grateful for my incredible daughter Niamh who sometimes fills my heart to bursting!! Sometimes I can hardly believe how lucky I am..What a gift to me :)xX
Crazy Art Girl said…
Funny how you wrote about someone who affected you. Yesterday, I wrote on watercolor paper about artists who have inspired me in one way or another as part of my background for a journaling project. Thinking about it for a swap - maybe. Still experimenting. Grateful to have these people as part of my life. Such wonderful influences.
Kate Palmer said…
I sure didn't have an issue with it - I thought the Haiku was a lovely idea :O) Also my beautiful elephant arrived and is gracing my office wall!