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Day 8~Thirty days of gratitude~21Secrets Live GIVEAWAY!!!

21 Secrets LIVE GIVEAWAY!!!

One of the things that I am so grateful for is the chance to collaborate with other wonderful artists and the chance to begin to enter the incredibly fabulous world of online teaching.

I have been fortunate in the past two years to have been asked to teach for Tam La Porte's awesome Lifebook and for Connie Hozvicka's superb

Both of these online courses offer such diversity and creative value so when Connie let me know her plans to offer a fabulous 21 Secrets Live 5 year birthday celebration I jumped at the chance to join the fun and you will too!

Here is all the juicy news from Connie! 
I get to give away two free spots in class.
Be sure to leave a comment below telling me why you'd like to win!
 and for more chances to win please share this giveaway on Facebook, your blog, twitter, and Pinterest, then come back and leave me another little love note :)

Winners will be announced next weekend.

Update 21/8 Newsflash!!! Winner announcement time!!!
Congratulations to Lindsey and Belinda Spiwak who have each one a spot in next years 21 Secrets Live!! 
I will be emailing you soon! 
Thanks to everyone who entered!! 
Please keep following along on my thirty days of gratitude and leave me some comment love to be in the draw to win an original painting ♥

Soooo excited and grateful to be one of the teachers who will join you live in your home via video broadcast!!

21 SECRETS is turning five years old this 2014 and we are throwing a special workshop to celebrate our ka-tooties off! 

Come join a group of past 21 SECRETS teachers in 21 SECRETS LIVE!--you don't have to find a hotel, break the bank on airfare, or even get out of  your pajamas!  We are bringing the LIVE! workshops home to you!

Starting January 15 your host Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio and a past 21 SECRETS teacher will meet every Wednesday at 6pm EST for a LIVE! video broadcast where you can art journal along with us in real time, ask us questions through a chat format, laugh your hiney off, sip margaritas, and feel like we're right there with you in your studio LIVE!
Can't make the LIVE! broadcasts? No problemo! Each 21 SECRETS LIVE! broadcast is recorded and available for all members to keep and return to again and again! 
But the party doesn't just stop there--we'll keep the loving going in a private Facebook group and Flickr gallery too--so you can share your work, give and receive feedback, and be a part of a heart-centered supportive community of Artists!

  • 21 SECRETS LIVE! will be broadcasted on a LIVE! private Spreecast video for 21 consecutive Wednesdays at 6pm EST starting Wednesday, January 15, 2014 through June 4, 2014.  Spreecast cost nothing to join--and you can read more about doing so HERE
  • Connie Hozvicka will be your host along with an honored teacher each week.  
  • Each workshop is geared towards getting us art journaling LIVE! together as a community--please do not fret over what supplies you need--bring what you got and what you can afford!
  • Each broadcast will last 90 minutes where the teacher will art journal LIVE! from their studio sharing what they are doing, answering questions, and chatting along with Connie and YOU! 
  • As a live participant you can use the chat box located on the Spreecast platform to dialogue with us and the 21 SECRETS LIVE! community. 
  • There will also be an optional private Facebook group  and Flickr gallery where you are welcome to keep the conversation going once the broadcast is over and post your art work.
  • Within 48 hours after the broadcast you will receive a downloadable PDF to keep that will list notes from the broadcast, information about the honored teacher, and a permanent link to the broadcast that you can refer to again and again.  

 and you will definitely want to act today because.....
Is Having A Sweet Pre-Sale NOW!

21 SECRETS LIVE! regularly costs $125 but grab it NOW while it's hot....

You can purchase 21 SECRETS LIVE! for $95 NOW until September 1, 2013.

you know you want to so click right here to register

remember to leave me a little not below to be in the draw to win one of two free spots ♥

Hasta manana friends!
Lots of love 


Anonymous said…
Sounds very exciting
Prerna Poojara said…
Lovely. It would be so nice to be live and interact and get feedback and have fun. Lovely lovely idea and lovely team of teachers. Keeping my fingers crossed. So want to win this. Cheers.

All the best to every one.

Much love and light
Lisa Hayes said…
This new format for 21 Secrets sounds fabulous! The teaching line up is exciting! I really enjoyed being part of it this year and would love to join in on the fun again and celebrate 5 years of arty goodness!
Lindsay said…
Yes please!! 21 secrets is AMAZING, I couldn't join this year so I hope I can in 2014 and you're one of the reasons why I want to join (or I wouldn't be here, right?). Thank you! <3

Luna Bird said…
So much art,so little time
Unknown said…
Oh this sounds like it would be super fun and inspiring - I would be so super delighted to win a spot - oh yes I would- I surely surely would!!!!!
I would love to be picked for this giveaway. I am retired and just starting with art. I need lots of help and lots of encouragement.
Karrlin Bain said…
I would love to win and here is a poem to tell more...

21 secrets

I don’t yet have to tell
I hope I’m invited
To this bottomless well
Of ideas and colors and dreams all unique
My art longings are rising
My curiosity piqued
So much fine talent to cherish and learn from
A live presentation to join in for everyone
Secrets to learn in my home rain or sun
Fine techniques to observe from heart’s talents that thrive
I will soak up the learning and creatively strive
To honor gifts shared through 21 Secrets Live
Beautiful! Love the poem above me here. I've been a 21 Secrets artist for the past two years. SO excited to hear all these great artists share their gifts. Happy Happy!
Beautiful! Love the poem above me here. I've been a 21 Secrets artist for the past two years. SO excited to hear all these great artists share their gifts. Happy Happy!
Karrlin Bain said…
Popping back once more just to let you know that I had fun sharing ~ 21 Secrets Live ~ in the following places…
Blog Post: My Special “21 Secrets Live” Poem Blog Post sharing your blog post and the class page :
Karrlin Bain Creates Blog Post
My personal facebook page:
Karrlin Bain Personal Facebook Page
My “Poemify Me” facebook page:
Poemify Me by KB~ Facebook Page
My Twitter page:
Karrlin Bain Twitter
Geri McLeod said…
I would dearly love to win a spot in this course because I would love the chance to learn as much as I can from amazing talented artists like you. I so love your work and would love any chance to learn more about your painting.
This course would be an incredible opportunity for me to learn from home. One day I want to spend my days painting near the sea. Right now I am learning as much as I can
Geri McLeod said…
i shared on facebook!! yayyy!!!
Anonymous said…
This course sounds wonderful and exactly what a budding new artist like myself needs. :) I find that I feel freer to express myself when I create in my art journal, rather than on canvas. It would be so much fun to be in class with others from the comfort of my own studio.
Grace said…
I would love to be in this workshop and experience the LIVE portion. That sounds so fun and more engaging.
Thank you...this is so generous. And what fun! I hope I win!!
Effie said…
I'm a hopeless journaler .... This might improve my none exisant skills
Crazy Art Girl said…
I shared this on FB. Sounds great. This is something I will have to do since I don't get out much to do workshops. I don't get to do much since I teach full-time. Always looking to inspire myself. Belinda
Hi Tracy, I've admired your art from afar...wishing I could attend one of your retreats. But raising two children alone doesn't fit with that right now. How wonderful to be able to work with you and the other 20 artists in my own living room!! Thanks for the opportunity...fingers and toes crossed:)
Siggadisart said…
I love to take classes to learn new things.... that is why I would love to win.....
with love
Sigga Dís
I'd love to meet up live with the instructors and share learning together!! I'd love to win a spot in this class so I could be exposed to all the variety and fabulosity of all the talented teachers!!
Lura said…
this course sounds amazing, i have heard about it for quite awhile. i was blessed being able to take tams class and it sounds like this one would be awesome as well. i sure do need to learn and thank you for the chance to win. xoxo
Colleayn said…
I would Love to win a space in this class to learn from amazing teachers. I would love to learn new art and journaling techniques, grow as an artist and learn in a fun way from home.
michelle said…
Hi Tracy, thanks for a chance to win a free spot, the line up of teachers looks amazing ! I would love to win this spot to heighten my creativity in art journalling and who better to help and inspire me than yourself and the other wonderful teachers.
DocAngi said…
I would be delighted to expand my creativity through the instruction of such talented artists! Thank you Tracy for the opportunity to win a spot. I have already shared this on Facebook and recommended it to my circles on G-plus. After this comment I will Tweet and Pin. With joy and gratitude, Angela Kowitz Orobko (Doc Angi) ♥
DocAngi said…
Hi there Tracy...I tweeted and pinned this post. I hope it brings you more traffic! I know it is going to be a fabulous class with so many talented instructors. I am looking forward to it. Here are the links to the tweet and pin:
CreativSpirit said…
I would be so thrilled to experience doing classes with so many of the top Mixed Media Artists that are part of this wonderful 21 Secrets. I have loved yours and some of the other artists classes on Lifebook and would love to do this course also. Thank you for the opportunity.
CreativSpirit said…
A little love note for you. <3
I have shared this post on my Pinterest and Facebook.
patricia mosca said…
To win a spot would be a connect with a tribe of women who share their talents would be an believe in a dream coming true...priceless! Please throw my name into this pot of 21 secrets...with gratitude...pattie
donna davidson said…
Hi Tracy...would love to win this....just what I need...have spent last 6 months going thru ops and chemo treatment for cancer.The fact I can sit home in my pj's...really some nights I feel too sick to go out and do workshops...that...and the incredible line up of artists doing what they do best.
Kelly Lynn said…
Art journaling is my favorite thing!!!!!
Thea Politanski said…
Hi Tracy
I'd love to have the opportunity to win a place on the 21 Secrets Live course. I've been playing along in 21 Secrets this year and have been loving it. If I were lucky enough to win one of the spots I'd like to pass it on to Donna Davidson (who wrote a comment above) as her words touched me and I think she would find peace and healing by doing the course. Love and happiness. Thea
Thea Politanski said…
Hi Tracy
I shared your link on Facebook. The link is:
Vicki said…
Hi Tracy,
What an opportunity to see such fabulous artists create live.
Thanks so much for the chance to win a spot.
All the best,
Brigette said…
I have participated in 21 Secrets for the past 2 years and love, love, love it. All of the artists have brought so much beauty into my life.
Mixed Media - said…
Wow, sounds good. This thime i have to win one of yours Wshp.
Thanks for sharing.
Big hzg

Maria E.
Sandee Bartsch said…
I just signed up for 21 Secrets through the Christmas in July sale. I love these workshops. I live in Northern British Columbia where it is unaffordable to travel to "live" workshops. I too, am in cancer recovery and I find that art journaling and mixed media is the best medicine (besides my new yorkie puppy) EVER! I checked out the line up for the next 21 Secrets and it would be AMAZING to learn from these very talented artists. Good Luck to everyone!
Lisa Crail said…
It would be wonderful to attend classes with these amazingly talented artists. Am amazed by the kindness of sharing that happens...thank you for the opportunity...
Teresa said…
This sounds so awesome! I am new to mixed media and there is so much to learn! This class has such a broad array of styles to offer as well. It would be a joy and a privilege to win a spot! Thank you! Teresa Roberts
Regan Tomlin said…
So in the past two years, I have been starting to walk on my artistic legs if you will. I have entered into an international art competition, won a local one, and secured a solo art show for next year! I feel super excited to be moving forward (finally forward) in this journey and long for a community of artists to share with. This opportunity sounds like just that very thing! Thanks for the chance to win a spot! Every appendage I have is crossed at the moment :)
Elizabeth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elizabeth said…
This is simply BRILLIANT Tracy Verdugo!!!! ; )))) I would LOVE to learn new art techniques in order to be able to expand my art skills and create amazing art works!! Crossing my fingers hoping to win & become part of this stunning giveaway!!!

WoOt, wOot!
Elizabeth Aviles
Debbie said…
wow how great that would be to win a spot. I would be over the moon .Thanks for a chance to win !
Mavi BlueEagle said…
I would love to have the opportunity to win this workshop giveaway in order to complete what I am missing as a newbie artist. I will have the opportunity to learn techniques from ladies around different parts of the planet. It will be an honor to learn their secrets, tips, experience, but the most connect with their souls.
Jaime Barks said…
This looks so fun!!
I am loving 21 Secrets! I started in July, and it was the perfect time for me...I was ready to relax into my art journaling after a long year of juggling. Now I am inspired in a new way, with meditation and gratitude. Thank you for sharing such goodness! ~ kathy
Sheyla ( said…
I would love to learn from such amazing women sharing their passion and insights into the creative realm!
Anonymous said…
I would like to nominate Sheri Stewart for one of the open spots for this class. Sheri is such an inspiration, light, and encouragement to each person that steps through her studio. It is truly a place of peace and creativity. Please consider Sheri Stewart! Thank you!!
Sandy said…
Thank you for a generous offer. I am hoping to win a spot in this workshop. I think the lineup of artists and the format is just right for everyone looking for a creative boost.
Yanik Falardeau said…
Thank you so much for your lovely blog! I would love to be able to connect with other artists and creators through colour positive energy and fun! Namaste!
This sounds very exciting! I would love to win this! I am always up to learning...especially from those more experienced than myself. This would be a true blessing. I wish I could just go ahead and pay for it lol, but that's just not possible rt now. This would be perfect for me because I just launched a new art business and need all the help I can get. BLESS YOU GUYS!
Jennifer Riehl said…
i love giveaways! It always leaves me hopeful that I will win. I would love to be a part of this class. I love making art and sharing with other artists. I also love seeing what other people create when learning the same lesson. Classes are always fun and exciting for me. I hope I get lucky! :)

My name on Facebook is Jennifer Riehl Morris.

Thank you!
KAT ADL'S said…
So many deserving people commenting here. I would love to win a free spot as I participate frequently in on-line journalling courses and find them beneficial in so many ways. The line up of teachers looks awesome.
This is how I learn and take care of myself. It is integral to my well being and how I then give out to others. It would be such a treat.
Gillian Pearce said…
I would love to win this class to find out whether art journaling is for me. I've kept written journals for years on and off but no longer do so. They were a reflection of an intense for search for something and the happier I got with my life the less I found I wanted to keep a journal. So I'm wondering . . . would an art journal be different?
Anonymous said…
Would love to win a spot in 21 Secrets class. It has been on my "to do" list for a long time. Winning the spot may be just the motivation I need to get going. And the "live" component is very exciting. Looking forward to seeing you, Tracy, in Stamford in October.
Annie said…
Life without art is not worth living :) Thank you for the chance.
Karrlin Bain said…
Thanks Creative Soul Juice!! Your blog is awesome! I have to get on there more... yay!!!! :D
Kate Palmer said…
The students in 21 secrets will be lucky to have you in the line up :O)