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Day 15~Thirty days of gratitude

Grateful for synchronicity....

Marco and I spent the weekend in Sydney, 
Saturday at the Hay House I Can Do it conference, 
which was awesome.
We heard Wayne Dyer speak on Divine Love,
Nick Ortner on EFT
and Joe Di Spenza with a remarkable talk on manifesting the lives we truly want to live
mixed in with the latest findings on neuroplasticity  and the quantum field
I love anything that speaks of science and spirituality,
linking to two together,
it satisfies both the mystic and the sceptic in me
to know and to know..if you know what I mean

I'm sure if I was a more evolved human being I wouldn't need the proof
but thats ok
I am what I am...
speaking of which....
Wayne Dyer spoke eloquently on the words "I am" as being the name of God
and of the importance of being aware of those words
 when we use them
do we say....

I am loved
I am abundant
I am health
I am awesome
I am blessed

or do we say other things?

I'm learning to be mindful of the things I say to myself....

and speaking about mindful
as I sat down to write this post
a note peeked out at me from the pile of "to do" on my desk
a name, Tara Brach, jotted down by my aunt Robbie who recently visited
and said maybe I would find something I needed in her teaching
and so  the first thing I see when I visit her website is a guided meditation
called "Gateway to Presence"
That really calls to me right now and maybe to you too
so I thought I would share it
and tomorrow I will try it

would love to hear
if you take some time out to listen
Here's the link ♥ to Taras page
I think I'll be exploring more

Thank you Robbie....
and thank you all for joining me in this thirty days of gratitude
Please leave a comment to be in the draw to win a little painting at the end of the month

much love
Tracy xo


Kama said…
I listened to a few of the .swf audio files on Tara's website - they are really good......thanks for the link...
Crazy Art Girl said…
I am grateful for many things. Today was the first day of school for my kids. Grateful they are healthy and that the world is right because they are ok and their world is ok.
Kate Palmer said…
I am grateful for the ability to grow and change, to learn from mistakes and change how we view the world and ourselves.