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Day 12~thirty days of gratitude

Here we are in the heart of the city, Sydney. Newtown to be exact.

A beautiful melange of colour, funky styles, music and food. So many smells assail the senses and everywhere we look people expressing their own unique identity.

Fave moment of the night; an older man on a motorised scooter whizzing along the sidewalk, an Australian flag attached to his rig and a high volume speaker perched on front blaring "yippee aye ay, yippee aye ohhhh!"

I'm looking out for an exact shade of copper, thinking it might be time for a change of hair colour, but all around I see heads in lime green, fuschia, purple! Becoming a redhead almost seems boring, staid, when you're in Newtown.

We're tucked up now in our cute airbnb studio behind one of the beautiful historic terrace houses that line the streets. Mi amor and I, solo...

Tomorrow we are heading to Darling Harbour to see Wayne Dyer speak as part of the Hay House "I can Do it" Convention......very grateful for that! Wayne has been probably the biggest influence on my personal and spiritual growth over the past twenty years, outside of my relationships with those closest to me.

Until tomorrow beautiful friends!
Sweetest dreams to you all!
lots of love
Tracy xoxo


You are going to have a great day Tracy. I missed him this year but saw him a last time he was here. So full of wisdom. Loved listening to him. Have an enlightening time ♥
cyndee starr said…
your hair would look great with the tips colored, maybe purple. i'm sure you will come away from Wayne Dyer feeling confident and inspired. enjoy.
Wayne Dyer to listen to, and colorful hair to see...sounds perfect to me! Wow...!
I'm still yet to listen to Wayne Dwyer...will do soon :) Funny about that scooter! ha ha. Yesterday I saw a mum with earphones riding an (obviously)
too small pink scooter home from school..that made my heart sing too.
Crazy Art Girl said…
I am amazed how changing something like your hair can totally change your attitude. It can be a cut or color. It's just funny to me - not in a bad way. I had blonde highlights all this summer and I just changed my hair to all red for school. The attitude is all different. Can't wait to see what you do when I see you in Oct.

I have lots to be grateful for today. Been married 16 years today. Lots have happened during these 16 years.
Alenka said…
some day i will see Sidney ;)