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Thirty days of gratitude~Day 5~Dream BIG ♥

Tracy Verdugo. 2013. I fly in Rainbows of Imperfection.

So grateful for dreams.....

and even more so for the changes in my own thinking over the past few years 
that have allowed me not only to dream BIGGER but 

to move forward ( mostly confidently) 

to take action (at times stumbling and with no clue)

to ask questions( soooo many wonderful mentors out there!)

and to focus on love and see the world with wide eyed wonder! (what you focus on always magnifies ♥)

It has been just over a year since I began this adventure. 
Can you believe it? 

One year since I decided to stop swimming in circles around my very comfortable fishbowl and jump out into the wide, blue ocean!

a year of connecting with beautiful like-minded creatives around the world

a year of teaching Paint Mojo, discovering what works and what doesnt...

being flexible and open to change and realizing that this is actually what I am teaching!

knowing that I am making a difference in peoples lives...really, really humbled and oh so grateful for that!

 putting myself in uncomfortable situations, deliberately having no idea of what I will paint at a workshop,

and teaching that transformation and change can be a beautiful thing.....

 falling in love with so many freaking awesome people along the way~ my students

my beautiful hosts and their families...grateful for every one of them

and for knowing, really, really getting that underneath it all, we all have the same doubts, fears, dreams, hopes and desires. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU to everyone that has been a part of my BIG dream these past two years.

The realisation that WE are the only ones standing in our OWN way has been profound and I really feel that a huge part of my calling will be to find ways to help YOU get out of your own way and shine the light you were born to.
I would so love to hear what blocks you from moving forward so I can best know how to help you get past those blocks.

Do leave me a little love note ♥

and remember.......

Here is an awesome video from Darren Rowse on following your dreams with a beautiful song by Clare Bowditch as a reward for watching it all the way through!

Take the time to watch. 
Maybe this is your first step towards your own biggest dream :)

Until tomorrow! 

Muchissimo ♥

Tracy xox



Kate Palmer said…
Grateful for the ability to learn and grow and being able to take small steps towards being able to create what I see in my head on paper. Also grateful for the Internet as it allows me to take part in so many opportunities I'd miss out on otherwise. As to what holds me back, it's fear, fear of failure or ridicule of being boring :O) I'm slowly learning to ignore it though lol!
denthe said…
I'm grateful today for the blue sky and the warm sun, the way it lights up the whole world. What holds me back in taking the next step in fulfilling my dream (which is teaching workshops)is self-doubt, the fear of not being able to bring my message across, the fear of not being able to fulfill expectations, my perfectionism that always tells me I'm not ready yet, I first have to do this or learn that .... Very difficult to get over the hills I build myself ....
Liza Baker said…
I'm grateful for your inspiration & honest mentoring & this beautiful cup of warming chai that is working on warming up my insides on this cold wet windy Melbourne winters day (o"
I'm held back by my fears of taking on too much too soon with lil ones and limited time. Sometimes I feel I get so caught up in my head that it's actually blocking more productivity. Dreaming is great but it can be my downfall too. I'm also very scared of doing anything until I know in myself that I can do it just right, perfectly the way I envision it, and sometimes I feel I should just take a leap of faith and go for it as I see many others doing successfully, but I hold back and want it all mapped out in my head and on paper first. I feel like I'm going at a snails pace and things should be picking up a bit more a bit quicker but somethings preventing that, something underlying that I can't quite see to rectify and then fly.
A beautiful post, thank-you x & lol that photo of Flynn totally cracked me up (o: what a moment you've captured there heeehe xxx
Liza Baker said…
wowwww! just finished watching the talk from Darren, felt such a flood of emotion and tears at the end (o: great talk, loved it, and yes a fan of Clare too, thank-you xxx
Hey Tracy, I hope to watch your vid tomorrow when I find a window of precious time. I too have been outside my comfort zone in teaching Art Play. I had a complete organized agenda for the next 6 weeks and realized today that I had to listen and go with the desires of my students. What a learning curve!!Thanks also for sharing the monthly theme of gratitude. How awesome is it to approach things from a grateful heart. I'm so grateful I met you :) And I'm grateful for my gorgeous loving mother tonight who is looking after my baby while I get to be my boyfriend's groupie once again at his live gig!! Yay. xX
Crazy Art Girl said…
I love reading your daily posts. I think lately my biggest blocks are time, making sure I get family stuff done, and being in menopause. I try to get past the menopause stuff and make time to do something art related or for myself. Belinda