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Day 19~Thirty days of gratitude

Its been a pretty amazing week, and I have been truly grateful for some pretty profound signs from the Universe, including one that stopped me in my tracks on the way to Avalon today to teach Paint Mojo this weekend.

For some reason my phone does not want to upload the pic that would explain my cryptic ramblings to my laptop so will have to wait until I get home on Monday to explain, suffice to say that I am in the process of reassessing what personality means, how we come to think of ourselves the way we do and how we can reframe who we "think" we are. BIG stuff. Cant wait to share more when I get home and super grateful for signs that make me "know" I'm heading in the right direction :))

lots of love...will check in tomorrow after Paint Mojo Avalon!

 we're going to do a bit of this

 a little of that...
 a touch of that

and a whole lot of this!

Be sure to leave a little note below to be in the draw to win a painting this month xox


Cindy said…
I'm loving waking up every morning and wriggling my toes with excitement at all the wonderful things that are just waiting to be discovered! I haven't stopped smiling in such a long time :-) ... enjoy your journey Tracy and thankyou for sharing <3
Lara said…
You are an incredibly fascinating woman and artist. I'm thrilled and incredibly grateful to have found you and to have the opportunity to learn and grow from you. THANK YOU!
I feel a "sisterhood"!
Looking forward to being in your workshop in Petaluma
Kelly Warren said…
Sounds very exciting! I've been enjoying your gratefulness posts. Such a good reminder that no matter what the day brings, we can always find something to be grateful for.
Kate Palmer said…
Really enjoying your 30 days of gratitude posts Tracy, thanks for sharing all of this with us.
Crazy Art Girl said…
Can't wait til Oct. Can't wait until I can play and experiment. Can't wait to meet new people and see old friends. Can't wait
Susan D said… have such a way with words and images that stir my sense of possibility. I have to return to this when I find questioning and doubt within myself...Thank you <3
Alenka said…
someday - i will be your student - i will be!!!