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Day 16~Thirty days of gratitude

hey beautiful people! 

are you hanging in there with me?
Riding down the gratitude path?
finding things to be grateful for?
Its such a powerful habit to cultivate
I highly encourage it....

today I took some time out to continue sorting out my computer files
I harassed my sweet editor Tonia with files I discovered and worried I hadn't sent her
and in the end felt a whole lot better about where I am at with my book
its a mammoth task you know
and sometimes it feels overwhelming
but I can really start to feel it coming together...

Just hanging out here with my favourite people right now

Marco, Santana and Sienna

the kitties are feeling a bit put out because tonight was their Frontline night
that's Aussie talk for spraying them all over with chemicals once a month so they wont die from ticks!
Luna is nowhere to be found
but Bella just jumped up onto Marcos chest and decided to forgive him once again

I have to be honest with you
one of the things I'm most grateful for at the end of the day
is taking my bra off and relaxing with my hugely loved family
especially when I know I'm less than three weeks away from leaving them again for awhile

did I already say this earlier in the week?
Maybe I did
and if I did that just shows how much I mean it....

sweet dream to all
until tomorow

lots of love
Tracy xoxo


sweet :) love it Tracy. The simple things in life!
Kate Palmer said…
Happy to say I am abundantly aware of how lucky I am and am constantly grateful for the amazing people and things in my life, although your amazing 30 days of gratitude has bought these to the forefront of my mind :O) Can't wait to read your book, will it be out this year or next Tracy?
verdigrisrose said…
I'm hanging in there, because I am so grateful every day anyway, for all that I have going on in my life, and have been following the gratitude path for some years now, and things just keep on getting better and better!, so it's nice to see what someone else is grateful for!...Had to laugh about the bra, as I have the same feeling when I get out of mine at the end of the day and hang loose...Lol...x
Crazy Art Girl said…
Love the sweater that you have on. I went to my classroom today to get ready for my students next week. I'm grateful for my job and for all the great books that surround me.
Alenka said…
love my daddy, my mommy, my sister, my nephews, my cats, my dogs, my friends ;)