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Day 25 ~ Thirty days of gratitude :)

Yep that's my baby girl in the pic.......all glorious 16 years of her, 

with her latest fitness love Pole Dancing!
That's right pole dancing...and she had so much fun after completing a term that she has convinced big sister Santana to take it up too, and I was so impressed with their moves that I caved in and bought a pole for them which Marco, like a good dad, put up for them in prime position in the living room!

So today I'm grateful for 


both in physical and thought form

I love that the girls are doing something together that keeps them strong, fit and empowered as young women and I love that along the path of parenthood Marco and I have learnt flexibility in the ways in which we see the world both through our own eyes and through theirs.

Maybe I might even give it a whirl......

hasta manana

much love
Tracy xox


Jess said…
I expect you want to try, I would! (With no-one looking of course!) You're very lucky with your 16 year old, mine likes to 'Twerk'. I'm not so enamoured with that!xx
Susan D said…
On my bucket list :)
Ali said…
My daughter has also started pole dancing. She was a gymnast in her younger days and she loves even talking about competing in some way!
Kate Palmer said…
Today feeling grateful for art and creativity, which turned a truly horrid day into a relaxing evening!
Crazy Art Girl said…
That sounds like great exercise! My daughter is a gymnast. That would whip you into great shape in no time. I would love to see videos of that! 8)

Not pole dancing but have started yoga and working out again. Grateful my kids are old enough to take care of themselves so I can take care of myself more.

Thanks for sharing ♥
Alenka said…
ufff, i havent do gim for a long period of time.
but i am grateful to finally take time for myself.
now i am having workouts 2 a week in a girl group - pilates and tnz(trebuh noge in zadnjica - stomach legs and butt)
i am proud of my self
Lura said…
i am so grateful for my family and friends. xoxo
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